Harrah’s Metropolis Casino

Harrah’s purchased a floating casino on the Ohio River docked at Metropolis, Illinois.  Patrons transfer from land to the casino by passing through a loading barge.  Harrah’s wanted to expand a larger casino boat which would then require a new loading barge.  Harrah’s purchased three grain barges, had them welded together at a shipyard in Paducah, Kentucky, and then turned them over to Rentenbach.  The barges provided a combined floor area of 30,000 S. F.
While the barges were moored at the shipyard, Rentenbach constructed a two-level, 60,000 S. F. building.  We poured a level concrete floor on the barge deck and designed and constructed a rigid structural steel frame building.  The lower level includes an upscale restaurant, a buffet restaurant, a deli, a VIP club, retail space, promenade areas and kitchen.  The upper level included administrative offices, meeting rooms, employee dining and food storage. The building contains elevators and escalators. 
The completed barge was floated seven miles down the river to be docked at its final location at Metropolis.

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