Thanks for stopping by! We’re pleased to announce that Rentenbach Constructors Incorporated is now officially known as The Christman Company. Christman acquired Rentenbach in a merger of the two privately-held firms in December 2013 and the company’s Knoxville, TN and Greensboro, NC offices continued operating under the Rentenbach name for several years but are now moving forward under the Christman brand.

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Coming Soon: Call Us Christman

We’re pleased to announce we are currently in the final stages of preparing for our upcoming name transition from Rentenbach Constructors Incorporated to that of our parent company, The Christman Company. Watch for a formal announcement coming in fall, 2017.       

About Our Merger
From Rentenbach’s rich history beginning in 1946 following construction of Oak Ridge, Tennessee and much of the Manhattan Project’s manufacturing facilities, to the 1971 establishment of its Greensboro offices, to construction of the Tennessee Valley Authority Towers in 1976, to the 1982 World’s Fair site and many milestones since, the company has built one of the most respected names in construction. On a parallel track in other parts of the country, another construction firm had been busy building its own national reputation for quality, integrity and long-term relationships for over a century, since 1894. When the time came for Rentenbach to evolve from a family-owned business to one that was management and employee-owned and would provide for strategic growth, The Christman Company proved to be the ideal match. Among the things the two firms discovered they had in common were corporate culture and strong values, a service-driven focus with a similar high percentage of repeat customers, dedication to continuously improving the craft of building, and commitment to recruiting and retaining talent and being a great place to work. In December, 2013, the two companies came together in a historic merger /acquisition, bringing together the “best of the best” in a blended organization delivering enhanced capabilities to clients, architecture and engineering friends, our valued trade contractors, and other business partners. 

When We Say Same Great Partners, That’s What We Mean!
Our professional services, our regions served, our friendly and expert employees…none of that is changing. Even our phone numbers aren’t changing (although we’ll all be getting new business cards with updated e-mail addresses which we’ll share when they become effective.) A good name takes a long time to build, and we’ve simply wanted to take the time we felt we needed to manage this change with appropriate great care.  

So What Else is New?
We have, however, expanded our capabilities to new offerings and extended market experience. If you haven’t already, please take some time to get acquainted with our robust, fully integrated services and exciting depth of complementary expertise in the many markets Rentenbach and Christman now serve together. Let’s get together soon, and talk about the infinite possibilities for your next project! 

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